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Our Mission

Simplify the crypto-exchange process and make it accessable to everyone. 

Why FIO?

We recognize that having to use a complicated address for every every trade across every cryptocurrency is a barrier to entry for the novice trader.  We believe that being able to use a FIO handle for transactions will make our platforms and the user expirence better, it’s that simple.


Why Currency Hub?

At Currency Hub  our goal as a block producers is to meet the technical demands of validating blocks on the network with a reliable, resilient and secure platform, while also providing an ongoing commitment to growing the FIO community. Working together, we can improve the entire crypto ecosystem. 

Our Node Technology

We run 100% bare metal servers located entirely within the United States.  Our servers are equipped with the very latest AMD technology with  Ryzen 5 3600X – 6 cores at 3.8GHz which when combined with the speed of NVMe SSD storage, and water cooling guarantees optimal performance.

Currency Hub at its core has always been a gateway for newcomers joining the cryptocurrency community. We are constantly working to simplify the crypto-exchange process and make it accessible to everyone. We  strongly support  the FIO Foundation and its mission to Make crypto products easier so anyone can use them. As a FIO block producer our mission is to  provide a robust, secure and trusted platform. It is our goal at Currency Hub to support the FIO community through, our interactions with the FIO Foundation, other block producers and through community outreach & evangelism. 

We run FIO News a FIO news and information site.


We host a No-Fee BTCPay server allowing merchants and individual users to accept Bitcoin as a payment method with no added service fees.

What is a Block Producer?

FIO Protocol Block Producers: The Backbone of the FIO Ecosystem

Blockchain technology has evolved rapidly since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008. It has given birth to various decentralized applications (dApps) and innovative protocols. One such protocol is the FIO (Foundation for Interwallet Operability) Protocol, which aims to improve the usability of blockchain-based services and cryptocurrencies. The FIO Protocol is powered by a network of block producers, who ensure that the decentralized network functions efficiently and securely. This article delves into the FIO Protocol, the role of block producers, and the importance of their work.

Understanding the FIO Protocol

The FIO Protocol is a decentralized, open-source project that aims to enhance the usability and user experience of various blockchain-based services and cryptocurrencies. It focuses on three main areas: FIO Addresses, FIO Requests, and FIO Data. By providing a human-readable address system, easy-to-initiate transactions, and contextually rich metadata, the FIO Protocol simplifies the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

  1. FIO Addresses: These are human-readable wallet identifiers that simplify the process of sharing public addresses for blockchain transactions. Instead of sharing a long, complex alphanumeric string, users can share a simple FIO Address, such as “username@wallet.”
  2. FIO Requests: Users can initiate transactions by sending a FIO Request to the recipient’s FIO Address. This request includes the transaction details and can be accepted or rejected by the recipient. This feature eliminates the risk of sending funds to an incorrect address and improves overall transaction security.
  3. FIO Data: This feature allows users to attach metadata to transactions, providing context for the transaction. It can include details like order IDs, invoices, or memos, making it easier for users to manage and track their transactions.

The FIO Protocol is blockchain-agnostic and can be integrated with any existing blockchain. It aims to streamline and improve the user experience for everyone in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including users, developers, and businesses.

The Role of FIO Protocol Block Producers

FIO Protocol Block Producers are essential to the functionality of the FIO Protocol. They are responsible for validating and processing transactions, maintaining the network, and ensuring its security. Let’s explore their role in more detail.

  1. Validating and Processing Transactions

Block producers validate transactions submitted to the FIO Protocol network by checking their authenticity and ensuring that they adhere to the protocol’s rules. They also process these transactions, creating new blocks that are added to the FIO blockchain. Block producers follow a consensus mechanism known as Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to ensure that only valid transactions are included in the blocks.

  1. Maintaining the Network

FIO Protocol Block Producers play a crucial role in maintaining the network’s health and stability. They store and update the FIO blockchain, ensuring that the network remains decentralized and resilient. By doing so, they prevent any single point of failure, protecting the network from potential attacks and system failures.

  1. Ensuring Security

Security is a critical aspect of any blockchain network, and FIO Protocol Block Producers are responsible for safeguarding the FIO network against various threats. They employ different security measures, such as cryptographic techniques and advanced infrastructure, to protect the network from malicious actors and cyber-attacks.

The Importance of FIO Protocol Block Producers

FIO Protocol Block Producers are vital to the proper functioning and success of the FIO Protocol ecosystem. Their work has a direct impact on various aspects of the network, including its performance, security, and decentralization.

  1. Network Performance

The efficiency and speed of the FIO Protocol are directly influenced by the work of block producers. By processing transactions quickly and accurately, they ensure that the network

remains responsive and can handle a high volume of transactions. This is essential for maintaining a seamless user experience, as users expect fast and reliable transactions when using blockchain-based services.

  1. Network Security

The security of the FIO Protocol is of paramount importance, as it underpins the trust users place in the network. FIO Protocol Block Producers play a significant role in maintaining network security by implementing robust security measures and ensuring that the network remains resilient against cyber-attacks. A secure and trustworthy network is essential for widespread adoption and long-term success.

  1. Decentralization

Decentralization is a core principle of blockchain technology, and FIO Protocol Block Producers contribute to upholding this principle. By maintaining a decentralized network of nodes, block producers prevent centralization, which can lead to single points of failure or the potential for control by a few entities. Decentralization fosters trust, transparency, and fairness in the FIO Protocol ecosystem.

  1. Governance and Network Improvement

FIO Protocol Block Producers also participate in the governance of the FIO Protocol by proposing and voting on changes to the protocol’s rules and parameters. This collaborative approach ensures that the FIO Protocol continues to evolve and improve, meeting the changing needs of its users and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  1. Economic Incentives and Sustainability

FIO Protocol Block Producers receive rewards in the form of FIO tokens for their work in validating transactions and maintaining the network. These rewards serve as an economic incentive, encouraging more participants to become block producers and contribute to the network’s health and growth. This incentive structure ensures the long-term sustainability of the FIO Protocol by attracting and retaining skilled and dedicated block producers.


FIO Protocol Block Producers are the backbone of the FIO ecosystem, ensuring its smooth operation, security, and decentralization. Their work is essential for delivering a user-friendly and reliable experience for all participants in the cryptocurrency space. As the FIO Protocol continues to grow in popularity and adoption, the role of block producers will only become more crucial in maintaining a robust and secure network that meets the needs of its users.

Why Vote For Currency Hub?

Unlike many block producers Currency Hub dedicates its efforts to the FIO network only. We believe that FIO will fundamentally change the way the world views, adopts and uses cryptocurrency. To that end, we are focused on the reliability and security of the FIO network. We monitor our nodes 24/7 to ensure that we always have the more than enough computing and throughput capacity.

Our behavior, actions and interactions must be beyond reproach and these are the principals guide us. For us to be successful, the FIO Foundation, community and network must thrive. We joined the FIO Foundation in January of 2019 and  believe that supporting and evangelizing FIO will be the key to our success.

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“I believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency will fundamentally change the way the world does business.”

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